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  Race and Equity in COVID Package

While Congress addressed many challenges in the first three stimulus packages, Children’s Defense Fund-California (CDF-CA) and our partner organizations are concerned about the lack of equity in the federal support provided to families of color and those that are immigrants, mixed status, undocumented, or living in poverty --- families that already experience barriers to healthcare and economic opportunity.


  Letter to Department of Public Health

We are calling on you to act immediately to protect the health and safety of youth currently confined in juvenile halls and probation camps in Los Angeles County. As you are well aware, the spread of COVID-19 is the gravest threat to public health that any of us have seen in our lifetimes.


  Protections for People Under Supervision and Custody

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, as organizations led by people currently and formerly on Probation, family members with loved ones inside, and/or organizations that serve system-involved youth and adults, we are writing to urge you to immediately enact these emergency procedures for young people under Probation custody and supervision, as well as for adults under Probation field supervision, in order to support everyone’s health and safety, while also protecting their rights to due process, programming and family connection.


  COVID-19 BSCC Coalition Letter

On behalf of criminal and juvenile justice advocates, community organizers, directly impacted individuals—many of whom have been incarcerated in local jails and juvenile facilities—and families of individuals currently incarcerated, we urge the Board of State and Community Correction to adopt immediately the following measures to protect the health and well-being of our loved ones who are incarcerated or work inside county adult and juvenile detention facilities.


  Youth Development Vision

Letter to Los Angeles County Probation Department leadership from LA Youth Uprising coalition and other organizations to support efforts by the Probation Reform & Implementation team to establish a robust Probation Oversight Commission and a comprehensive reform implementation plan.


  Leveling the Playing Field for California’s Children: 2019 Policy Agenda

This policy agenda identifies the steps that California lawmakers can take in 2018 to ensure that all our children have what they need to realize their potential tomorrow. Recognizing that children don’t come in pieces, the policy agenda highlights policies that support the whole children by lifting children out of poverty, providing quality health care to every child, ensuring educational equity, and transforming the juvenile justice system to focus on prevention and rehabilitation.

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