Donate Now: CDF-CA COVID-19 Response Efforts

>>>Donate Now: CDF-CA COVID-19 Response Efforts
Donate Now: CDF-CA COVID-19 Response Efforts2020-03-24T15:18:23-07:00

You can help during this difficult time with a contribution to CDF-CA as we work to keep the most vulnerable children safe during this crisis.

CDF-CA’s rapid response to the virus includes advocating for the following:

  • Direct cash assistance for adults and children
  • Increases in federal funding to the states for Medicaid and CHIP ​
  • Expanded access to food assistance programs to meet increased needs
  • Distance learning plans that are accessible and equitable for all students
  • A reduction of youth detained in locked facilities and for increased protections against the spread of COVID-19 within juvenile detention facilities

Thank you for standing with CDF-CA and the children that need us the most.

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