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We’re Hiring!

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If you are dedicated to our mission of caring for every child, we’d love to have you join our team. CDF-CA is hiring for two positions: director of legislative advocacy and coalition coordinator.

The director of legislative advocacy will serve as a core member of the CDF-CA policy team and will be a key advisor to CDF-CA on child-centered legislative and advocacy matters. This individual will serve as the lead staff on CDF-CA’s Ending Child Poverty campaign and will provide guidance on legislative and advocacy strategy to key staff leading on other organizational policy priorities, including ensuring access to quality health coverage and care for children, reforming juvenile justice systems, and promoting positive school climate practices. This job is based in the Bay Area.

The coalition coordinator, part of the youth justice team, is responsible for coordinating activities of a youth-justice focused coalition in Los Angeles in collaboration with members of the coalition and partner organizations. Specifically, this person will coordinate and manage the meetings and work of the core organizations, the overall coalition and specific workgroups focused on discrete policy targets, strategies and actions. The Coordinator should work within the values and spirit of the probation coalition and, as liaison to the community, engage others in our shared vision of the future of probation and youth justice in Los Angeles.

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